Prisma, a clip from the TV series presented at the Locarno Film Festival. VIDEO

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A little over a month after the official release date of PrismAmazon Prime has released a clip of the series created by Ludovico Bessegato and Alice Urciuolo, the two minds already behind the success of SKAM Italy. In the anticipation, one of the two protagonists looks in the mirror while wearing women’s clothes. A little taste that tells us a lot about one of the many important themes touched on in the series.

Prisma, a series on the relationship between physical appearance and identity

Ludovico Bessegato And Alice Urciuolo it took them two years to develop the idea behind Prism. The two authors of the series have in fact studied all possible sources and met numerous people to read up on the stories they wanted to tell. This because Prism revolves around delicate issues such as the relationship between one’s own identity and the image given to the outside world, disability and the relationship with sexuality. Everything is filtered through the eyes of a group of young people from Latina but, as Bessegato made clear, it is a universal product that aims to reach everyone without looking at the age group.

The main protagonists of the series are the twins Marco and Andrea, both played by Mattia Carranowho in different ways challenge gender norms, wreaking havoc even in their company of friends.

The exclusive clip, released on the occasion of the world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival, shows one of the two brothers wearing women’s clothes in front of the mirror, thus anticipating the whole tone of the series in a few minutes. You can see the video above.

The first two episodes of Prism which will debut on Amazon Prime Video on 21 September 2022. The eight episodes of the first season will therefore be available from that day in over 240 countries. A courageous project that will also be involved Achille Lauro, author of a song written specifically for the series. Lauro will also act in a small cameo and will not be the only one. In the series we will see in fact as well Francesco Ciconettithe transgender boy who successfully told his story on social media.

Prism it is another sign of how much Amazon Prime is focusing strongly on our country, proposing original series designed in Italy and very different from each other. The creation of Bessegato and Urciuolo in fact comes after very different products such as Life as a Carlo (with Carlo Verdone), Monterossi And Bang Bang Baby.