Prison, two escaped in Vercelli: one still free

Sappe said: “Evasion announced”

Sensational escape from the prison of Vercelli a few hours from the beginning of the new year. According to Sappe, two Albanian prisoners, with end of sentence 2029 because they were recognized as responsible for robbery in the villas of Casallese and Vercellese, “they alighted from the cell and went to the inner perimeter of the prison. They then climbed the surrounding wall and, helped by an accomplice who threw ropes at them, they descended from the wall but one of the two fell, breaking one arm, and was blocked by the agents while the other managed to escape with the help of his accomplice “.

“Now it is a priority to capture the fugitive”, denounces Donato Capece, secretary general of Sappe – but the serious affair brings to light the security priorities (often neglected) with which the women and men of the Penitentiary Police have to deal every day. Vercelli “. On several occasions, the Sappe “represented and loudly manifested the serious shortage of Penitentiary Police personnel in service at the Vercelli Institute and above all the inadequacy of the boundary wall, which has been uninhabitable for years. Shameful!” leader of Sappe, “this is an announced escape from Vercelli, the result of the superficiality with which the many complaints made by the Autonomous Penitentiary Police Syndicate on the institute’s safety conditions had been heard. If the continuing complaints of SAPPE had been heard, probably all the critical events reported and this evasion itself would not have happened. And the serious thing is that these numbers have materialized just when more and more prisons have introduced dynamic surveillance and the ‘open’ prison regime, that is with the inmates more hours at the free day to go around the detention sections with sporadic and occasional checks by the Penitentiary Police. time that the internal security of prisons has been annihilated by nefarious measures such as dynamic surveillance and an open regime, the removal of the sentries of the Penitentiary Police from the prison walls, the lack of staff of prison policemen, the lack of funding for anti-intrusion and anti-climb-over services and, as shown by the shame of the wall surrounding the Vercelli prison which has been unusable for years in the indifference of the ministerial and departmental leaders despite our complaints. The truth is that the leaders of the Ministry of Justice and the Penitentiary Administration have dismantled the security policies of prisons, preferring dynamic supervision and an open prison regime, with inmates out of cells for at least 8 hours a day with sporadic and occasional checks ” .

“Police operations are already underway to ensure the capture of the fugitive, which I hope will be caught as soon as possible. This evasion is the consequence of the dismantling of prison security policies and of the staff shortages of the Penitentiary Police, which has 7 thousand fewer agents – concludes Capece – Disrupting the internal security of prisons with dynamic surveillance, open regime and absence of Penitentiary Police favors inevitably the critical events, which are constant and continuous ”.