Prisons, Molotov cocktails thrown in the Rebibbia women’s car park

Gennarino De Fazio, general secretary of the UilPa Penitentiary Police reports this: “We need a prison decree and enabling law for overall reforms”

“Molotov cocktails were thrown during the night in the parking lot for the staff of the Roman prison of Rebibbia for women. On the umpteenth act of intimidation, fortunately without serious consequences, investigations are underway by the Central Investigative Unit of the Prison Police Corps”. The news was given by Gennarino De Fazio, general secretary of the UilPa Penitentiary Police.

“The Prison Police, for too long abandoned by governments and by ‘that matters’ politics, continues to be attacked on several fronts: while in Milan seven prisoners of the circuit still improperly defined as minors were escaping, given that the age of the inmates can go up to the age of 25, and fires were started, in Rome the safety of operators was attacked with Molotov cocktails thrown in the parking lot reserved for them”, comments the secretary of the UilPa Penitentiary Police.

“We need a prison decree which, as a matter of urgency, deals with the emergency and strengthens the penitentiary police missing by 18 thousand units, but an enabling law is also needed for overall reforms which reengineer the penal execution system, restructure the Department of ‘Prison Administration and the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice and reorganize the Prison Police Corps – he concludes – Moreover, Matteo Salvini himself, now Vice President of the Council of Ministers, signed in 2017 with a handwritten signature as a sign of sharing and commitment our document of claim: now is the time to fulfill it”.