Procession for Palestine in Milan, signs for Hamas appear

Banner against Meloni, Netanyahu and Biden at the demonstration in Rome: “We need a new Nuremberg”

Marches for Palestine today in Rome and Milan, with slogans that bounced from one demonstration to another. They also appeared in the Lombard capital pro-Hamas signs. Three Italian people held them in their hands. On the posters, the clear writing: “With Hamas, the Ezzedin al-Qassam brigades and the Palestinian people”. Below, a signature: “Italian Marxist-Leninist Party”. Approached by Adnkronos, the protesters justified their support for the group responsible for the bloody October 7 attack on Israel: “Hamas represents the only true resistance for Palestine and is anti-imperialist. That’s why we’re with them.”

“Israel tyranny” in one of the chants at the procession that marched through the streets of Milan and was organized by ‘Milan anti-fascist anti-racist mixed race and solidarity’. A large group of police and carabinieri, in riot gear, followed the demonstration which ended without moments of tension. The procession – in which according to the police headquarters over 4 thousand people participated – left at around 3.30pm from Porta Venezia, heading towards the city centre, until reaching its final destination in Piazza Missori at around 5.15pm. On his journey at a certain point he stopped for a moment in via San Damiano. “We are close to the Prefecture of Milan,” a protester said into the microphone. “This is where we need to shout even louder Free Palestine. The government and the state are complicit in this genocide“, the girl repeated. The chants were interrupted by the speeches of some organizers, hosted inside a van at the head of the parade. “Colonialism sucks. Even NATO and Italy are guilty of what is happening”, one exponent shouted into the microphone.

“The Meloni government is complicit in a genocide”, shouted a girl into the microphone at the Milan demonstration. “We must block the export of weapons, this means mobilizing for peace”, she continues. “They will tell us that we are terrorists and against the West, but we are not afraid. We have only one master: the Resistance”, concluded the young woman.

The procession of Rome

A pro-Palestine and anti-militarist procession also took place in the capital on the day when Armed Forces Day is celebrated. On the truck at the head of the demonstration the banner ‘let’s organize a boycott of Israel’. The procession opened with the slogan ‘Italy out of the wars with Palestine until victory’, signed by the Angelo Baracca committee and numerous Palestinian flags.

The demonstration promoted by Potere al Popolo was attended by the radical left, student movements and the Palestinian community, USB and housing movements. According to what we understand, around 5 thousand demonstrators in the capital. The procession started from Piazza Vittorio to arrive at Piazza San Giovanni, parading slowly in the rain. Among the many banners in evidence, the one with the faces of the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the President of the United States Joe Biden, the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltemberg and the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen with the call for “a new Nuremberg for the crimes of the West in Palestine”.