Prodi: “Italy does not attract new foreign investments, the problem is productivity”

“The functioning of the public structure in Italy does not give confidence abroad; the fact that we have so many foreign investments to buy Italian companies, and essentially no one starting from scratch to invest, means that foreigners trust the country when they see the concrete things because they see them working. But Italy is not the target of the new because foreigners are afraid of not being able to express their abilities “. Romano Prodi said this on the sidelines of the conference ‘Unstable borders – Geopolitical scenarios, social and economic effects, options for the country and the brand industry’, organized by Centromarca in Milan.

All this, explains Prodi, “is a serious problem also because it harms our young people. The fact that we produce and need skilled labor, while a very high percentage of our skilled workers go abroad, is a contradiction that arises precisely from the fact that we are not yet able to attract the tips of the world system “. After all, he observes, “there is no reason for a giant like Tesla to have gone to produce in Berlin or Dresden instead of Turin or Ivrea, where wages are just over half of German wages. The problem concerns productivity. which is better abroad “.