Prof killed and set on fire, 82-year-old arrested: murder for unpaid debt

The victim was a 58-year-old teacher from Cellole in the Caserta area

Turning point in the mystery of Baia Domizia. The carabinieri of the Sessa Aurunca company have An 82-year-old from Cellole was arrested for murder and destruction of a corpse. Yesterday afternoon, a charred corpse was found in the countryside of the Domizio coast. The victim was identified as Pietro Caprio, a 58-year-old physical education teacher at a school in Minturno, who had been missing from home for at least a day. The car was registered to his mother. Listening to some of the victim’s family members and acquaintances and analyzing the footage from the cameras in the area, it emerged that Caprio’s car had been followed by another, driven by the elderly man. Maybe the two were on a date.

Even if he has so far denied any responsibility, the arrested man would be the only one with a motive: there could be a motive behind the murder economic issues, perhaps an unpaid loan. The investigation is coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Maria Capua Vetere which issued a decree arresting a crime suspect for the 82-year-old, now accused of killing Pietro Caprio and setting fire to his car with the body at the internal.