Promoting sustainability, the Cap Group program for partner companies is underway

As of 2023

Promote the sustainability business involving partners and stakeholders. With the start of the new year, the program officially kicks off Cap Groupthe green utility that deals with the management of the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, aimed at promoting corporate values ​​among all partners.

In fact, starting from 2023, the system for the selection and engagement of possible suppliers, the Vendor Rating, will take into consideration new parameters to pursue an ambitious strategic program: to involve companies that work with Cap in the protection of water resources and the territory , in contrasting climate change, reducing waste, facilitating and encouraging integration into the world of work, promoting gender equality, encouraging company welfare policies, and supporting research and technological innovation.

For years, Cap has adopted, for its contracts, a rotation mechanism of invitations to innovative partners for the national public sector. It is a system that allows you to overcome any type of discretion through the use of an algorithm which, over time, has been gradually perfected to allow, on the one hand, to best satisfy the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency , and on the other to promote the Group’s values ​​by involving the various stakeholders. The Vendor Rating, which in the first place is designed to ensure maximum transparency in the tender awarding processes, to exclude any favoritism by implementing all the anti-corruption rules, has included secondly (starting from 2019) the evaluation of the various environmental certifications , social and managerial.

But starting in 2023 Cap goes one step further. Indeed, the new Vendor Rating algorithm aims to implement a ‘sustainable procurement’ strategy, to transform it into a real tool for promoting policies inspired by its Sustainability Plan, structured according to three fundamental principles: Sensitive, Resilient and Innovative. And in fact there are three objectives that the new process of assessing the sustainability of the economic operators of its Supplier Register has three objectives: first of all, to raise awareness among suppliers over time, to accompany them on a path of sustainable growth through the promotion of green policies, with repercussions positive on the entire supply chain; secondly, promote investment in innovation and research; finally, promote sustainability policies through Procurement or through collaboration agreements. In practice, the new algorithm ensures greater probability of extraction for those suppliers who are more sensitive to sustainability issues.

Not only. Gruppo Cap intends to support partner companies through an investment program to be deployed for the entire duration of the contracts for which the various companies are involved, contributing to the financing of initiatives in favor of employees in the four areas Legality, Inclusivity and Gender Procurement, Innovation, Environment. The process, launched in 2022, has already provided for investments of 7 million euros.