Prospettiva Terra is born, a network to tackle global warming

Companies, the scientific community, non-profit organizations and institutions involved in research, innovation and dissemination projects

He is born Earth perspective, a network of companies, scientific community, non-profit organizations and institutions, engaged in research, innovation and dissemination projects to tackle global warming. The scientific direction is by Stefano Mancuso, Omnicom Media Group coordinates the activities. The first activation will take place in collaboration with BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, the cultural park where 300 IOT sensors will be installed.

Prospettiva Terra was born from an idea by Stefano Mancuso, academic, university professor and popularizer, and Marco Girelli, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Italia, a leading agency in advertising, marketing and communication services worldwide. Prospettiva Terra is a non-profit project which sees the participation of companies, non-profit organisations, the scientific community and institutions, which have decided to also financially support scientific research, innovation and communication projects aimed at tackling the problem of global warming.

The added value of Prospettiva Terra is that of uniting the efforts of these companies with the aim of developing initiatives serving the common good, for a truly sustainable future. Among the founding realities of Prospettiva Terra there are McDonald’s, Henkel, Ricolathey also joined Acone Associati and Publitalia’80, media partner of the project, as well as Omnicom Media Group which promoted the initiative together with Stefano Mancuso. Also collaborating in the implementation of the project are: PNAT – a spin-off of the University of Florence awarded by UNECE, UNIDO and the European Commission – which, as Science, Technology Design Partner, coordinates the technological aspects and data processing and Red Joint Film, as creative partner and APCO Worldwide as Communication Partner.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Foundation Riccardo Catella, which manages the park, active since 2005, with the primary mission of promoting the sustainable development of the territory and urban public spaces, the first intervention of Prospettiva Terra will take place within BAM -Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano, Botanical Cultural Partner of this first initiative. BAM, a contemporary botanical garden and cultural park with a program of over 250 events per year, with its 10 hectares of extension represents an incredible plant heritage: over 100 botanical species and 500 trees that form 22 circular forests.

The first initiative of Prospettiva Terra is inserted in this context, which provides for thenstallation on BAM trees of a total of 300 IoT – Internet of Things sensors, developed by Stefano Mancuso and PNAT which will allow us to collect a series of information on plants over the next 18 months, from their state of health to the benefits they produce for the community, up to the estimate of their absorption of CO2 within the city. The first objective of the project is to monitor the health status of the plants and make the maintenance of urban trees more efficient, also from an economic point of view, to the benefit of the Public Administration.

An intent that appears even more urgent today, considering the effects of the latest sudden atmospheric phenomena in Milan and the surrounding towns. The second objective, no less important in the long term, is to obtain, on the one hand, information on the benefits that trees create for the community in terms of absorption by individual plants of CO2 and fine particles, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (pollutants harmful to our health), thanks to the data collected in real time by the sensor network, which will be cross-referenced with known and consolidated statistical models; on the other hand, the economic value, again based on a statistical model, of how much trees can help us save by mitigating the urban microclimate.

Prospettiva Terra wants to propose a paradigm shift, a new way of looking at collaboration between companies, non-profit organizations, the scientific community and institutions to create common, concrete, innovative sustainability projects with measurable results. Managers, male and female entrepreneurs involved want to be “testimony” that businesses, thanks to the commitment of people, can change the world. Prospettiva Terra manifests the need to do business in an inclusive way, overcoming the traditional logic of market and competition to unite efforts towards common objectives, placing attention on the leadership of science in defining the interventions necessary for the change we need.

Companies that want to change perspective and be part of this journey can contact the working group on Stefano Mancuso comments: “Thanks to land perspective we are building a cooperative and widespread model, similar to plant networks, in which private companies decide to take charge of the future that awaits us by working in the only possible direction, that is, direct participation in scientific innovation. This is the perspective that drives us: working on concrete examples that have the power to start a public debate on the interventions necessary to quickly guarantee solutions to the environmental crisis. Earth perspective represents the first step of a real movement that aims to revolutionize the topic of the most important challenge that awaits us in the next fifty years. Let’s face change by being the protagonists.”

“According to research by the Polytechnic University of Milan and The European House – Ambrosetti on the multidimensional impact of Porta Nuova, the creation of the Biblioteca degli Alberi botanical park and all the public spaces integrated with biodiversity in the neighborhood area has led to a decrease of 10°C in the average air temperature, from 39-44° in 2011 to 31-35° in 2021. This research project is therefore for BAM the ideal continuation of a path already undertaken, which through the use of extraordinary analytical tools will allow the monitoring not only of the health status of the plant, but also of the benefits generated for the community at large” declares Kelly Russell CatellaGeneral Director of the Riccardo Catella Foundation “This project, which we immediately embraced and became an active part of, will be another opportunity for precious listening: this time not from the citizens, but from the community of our plants and the BAM ecosystem, of which we we have been taking care of it every day for five years.

Scientific contents that we will enhance in our cultural program, making BAM increasingly a public place for dialogue between art and science” he states Francesca Colombo, General Cultural Director of BAM, Riccardo Catella Foundation. “Climate crisis, environmental transition, soil protection are enormous challenges that call everyone, not just institutions, to a new individual and collective responsibility. As the Municipality of Milan – explains the Councilor for the Environment and Green Elena Grandi – we are committed at every level to defending biodiversity, enhancing and defending trees and urban greenery in general, promoting virtuous practices and knowledge. However, we need citizens, businesses, associations, bodies at our side and ‘Earth Prospect’ goes in this direction. I am looking at the tree sensor project with particular attention: after the drought of 2022 and the storms of last summer, our tree heritage has suffered very painful losses. The information we will be able to collect and share will be more than precious, bringing the saving role of plants to everyone’s attention.”