Provedel goal in Lazio-Atletico, when the goalkeeper becomes a striker

The goalkeeper scores with headers like Taibi, Rampulla and Brignoli

Ivan Provedel from goalkeeper to striker. The Lazio goalkeeper scored at the end and scored the 1-1 goal in the Champions League match that the Biancocelesti drew against Atletico Madrid. An unpredictable exploit, but not unique.

In football, goalkeepers occasionally score goals and from today Provedel joins the small club of number 1s capable of finishing on the scoreboard. In the history of football there are exceptions of exceptions: José Luis Chilavert and Rogerio Ceni, from Paraguay and Brazil, boast scores worthy of a striker. Chilavert, capable of taking perfect free kicks, undoubtedly boasts 67 goals. Ceni even 131, including penalties (69) and free kicks (61). Around the world we come across the Mexican Jorge Campos, credited with 46 goals, and the Bulgarian Dimitar Ivankov, king of European goal scorers with 42 penalties. From Colombia, they boast the 41 goals of Renè Higuita, an eccentric – to put it mildly – interpreter of the role.

Provedel’s goal so far is an isolated pearl in the career of the 29-year-old goalkeeper from Pordenone. However, it has the advantage of being a goal for a true attacker: a header in a play, especially at the end and in a key match. In Italy, a very rare scene but already seen. Fans of a certain age will remember the goal that Michelangelo Rampulla scored with a header on 23 February 1992, giving his Cremonese a 1-1 draw in the derby at Atalanta. On April 1st 2001, a frenzy in Reggio Calabria for Massimo Taibi: corner, header and goal against Udinese for a 1-1 draw. More recent, dated 4 December 2017, Alberto Brignoli’s masterpiece: header in the mix in the Milan area, 1-1 and Benevento’s first point in the Serie A championship.