PS5 celebrates three years and opens the Christmas season

The Sony commercial featuring the console’s most loved characters and titles, ahead of the launch of new accessories

A few days after the third anniversary of PlayStation 5, released in Europe on November 19, 2020, and to celebrate the over 40 million players from all over the world who have joined the PS5 community, Sony Interactive Entertainment has published the new commercial ” Experience new emotions with PlayStation 5. The commercial presents the whole range of emotions that players experience while exploring the universes of PS5, from an instant of fear due to the close encounter with a “Clicker” from The Last of Us Part I, to joy of seeing Mooncalfs in Hogwarts Legacy and making friends with an ice wolf in Final Fantasy XVI. Sony’s Christmas season this year will be focused more on hardware than software: after the excellent result with the public and received criticism from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, in fact, the company is preparing to launch PlayStation Portal on the market, which will be in stores on November 15. It is a remote controller with screen included that can play any game you are running on your PS5 , as long as you are connected to a fast enough Wi-Fi network. Also arriving with Portal will be Pulse Explore, the first set of premium wireless earphones ever developed by PlayStation, featuring planar magnetic drivers and a built-in microphone with AI-powered noise canceling technology. Finally, on December 6th, Controller Access will be available, an extremely customizable PlayStation 5 controller kit designed to make gaming more accessible to people with disabilities.