Psg-Milan, Rossoneri disaster and Pioli’s social ‘trial’

The team’s European path is becoming more complicated. The coach ends up on the bench of the ‘defendants’, in the predictable trial that breaks out on social media and in particular on

The Milan is overwhelmed by PSG, who beats the Rossoneri 3-0 on the third day of the Champions League group stage and complicates the European path of Stefano Pioli’s team. The coach ends up on the bench of the ‘defendants’, in the predictable trial that breaks out on social media and in particular on X. The championship from a year and a half ago is a faded memory, the coach has now been definitively rejected by a substantial portion of the Devil’s fans. It’s the fault of the results and the script that is proposed on the pitch, according to the fans, with worrying regularity. Last year, Milan reached an unexpected semi-final in the Champions League, before stopping against Inter with 2 defeats in the Euroderby.

Own the terrible record against the cousins, with 5 defeats in the last 5 direct matches, weighs on the judgment. Milan has always lost the last derbies in the same way: a fast start by Inter who strikes straight away, a frantic run-up by the Rossoneri with spaces offered to their opponents. The script, with variations on the theme, also materializes against other opponents. Against Allegri’s Juventus, a team that doesn’t produce a truly spectacular game, Milan were fooled with gaps already seen: prairies due to Kean’s outburst, brought down in the 1 vs 1 by Thiaw, sent off after 40 minutes.

In Paris, against the French champions, Milan tried to play the match against technically superior opponents and against a team that can showcase Mbappé, one of the top 5 players in the world, in attack. It is legitimate to suffer, it is normal – all things considered – to lose. However, the defeat against Luis Enrique’s team comes after two goalless draws against Newcastle and Borussia Dortmund: zero European goals in 270 minutes is a record never set by an Italian team so far. The figure summarizes the problems of a team that creates and in the Champions League achieves little, practically nothing, almost always trusting in Leao’s outbursts and Giroud’s streak, the only real references of an attack that does not sting.