Psychologist bonus 2023, Minister Schillaci responds to Fedez: the implementing decree soon

The official communication from the ministry’s Cabinet arrived after the signature collection opened by the singer and X Factor judge to ask for the release of the funds. “We will continue to monitor and work tirelessly to ensure that words do not remain just declarations of intent” commented a note from the Fedez Foundation

After the social battle started by Fedez to speak openly about psychological disorders, the singer decided to take action by opening a signature collection to obtain the release of funds for the 2023 Psychologist Bonus. The Minister of Health Orazio Schillaci officially responded by confirming that the implementing decree for the Bonus will be launched in the next few days. The Fedez Foundation itself announced this by explaining: “This means that the necessary funds will finally be released, responding to the legitimate requests of citizens”. The petition, launched by the X Factor judge on 3 November, had in less than 24 hours already collected over 200 thousand signatures and now exceeds 300 thousand.

Fedez Foundation: “Good, but concrete actions are needed”

The Ministry communicated the decision also underlining the efforts made to improve the mental health situation in the country. “However – comments the Fedez Foundation in a note – in light of the information we have available and comparisons with public organizations active in the field of mental health, it emerges that the reality is not exactly this and that an even greater commitment is needed to ensure that these promises translate into concrete actions. We will therefore continue to monitor and work tirelessly to ensure that words do not remain just declarations of intent. We will soon present further details on the issues that still require immediate intervention and action.”

The collection of signatures

The Foundation adds that, despite the response received, “the Minister has not yet accepted the request for a meeting. We believe that direct dialogue is essential to address the complex challenges related to mental health and to ensure real change. Therefore, we renew our invitation for an official meeting, hoping that the Ministry will accept this request with a view to constructive collaboration. This experience – concludes the Foundation – demonstrates the importance of making one’s voice heard in society. Petitions, at times, may seem ineffective , but in this case we got concrete answers. We will continue to collect signatures.”