Psychologist bonus, rises to 1,500 euros: what changes

This is what an amendment approved in the House Budget Committee provides. The measure will be permanent

The psychologist bonus will be made permanent and will rise from 600 to 1,500 euros. This is foreseen by an amendment approved in the House Budget Committee. “On the psychologist bonus we have achieved a great result with our amendment which makes the fund for coverage of the structural measure”. So the deputies Dem Deborah Serracchianigroup leader in the Chamber, e Marianna Madia. “The contribution will be financed with 5 million for 2023 and 8 million from 2024. We are happy with this measure – they underline – which has unfortunately been used a lot, beyond all expectations and which will continue to contribute to the improvement of the psychological well-being of many people of all ages severely tested by these years of pandemic and crisis”. “A little big news,” he commented on Twitter Philip Sensi, promoter of the initiative in the past legislature. “It must be adequately replenished, but an important first step. Thanks to Marianna Madia, Debora Serracchiani, Ubaldo Pagano and the work of the Pd deputies”.

“The announced approval of the psychological bonus, which essentially becomes a structural fund, is great news for all citizens – he underlined David Lazzari, president of the National Council of the Order of Psychologists – The provision, which was supposed to end in 2022, is maintained and refinanced in 2023 and 2024″. Lazzari addressed a “thank you to all the political forces who supported him, to the Pd parliamentarians who presented the proposal which was then approved and to the Government that has shared this need”. “It is essential that attention to the psychological needs of citizens is a transversal commitment to all political forces – is Lazzari’s appeal – This provision, which we hope will have more resources in the future, it must be part of a national program for psychological well-being and the development of resilience that passes through school, health, social services and the world of work”.

“The choice to make the psychologist bonus permanent, with the increase in available resources and an Isee ceiling, has always been our request. We are happy the Government has accepted it – he declared Maria Cristina Pisani, president of the National Youth Council – The pandemic has cleared the debate on psychological issues, demonstrating the need for protection for the psychological and physical well-being of young people, who represent the most affected category. All the studies we have conducted over the years prove it”.