Publishing and artificial intelligence: here are the “stories” in real time

It’s time for changes in digital publishing. While many newsrooms already use artificial intelligence to edit articles, there are networks that use it to publish “stories”, offering a new format for social-style news distribution.

This is the case of the portals and, of the team composed of Francesco Giuliani, Emiliano Belmonte, Valeria Fossatelli and Fabio Belmonte and of the new site, created by the journalist Massimiliano Vitelli, which through this tool try to overcome content obsolescence and improve reader engagement.

“We have developed an algorithm capable of operating autonomously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without interruptions,” explains Emiliano Belmonte, project manager. “In addition to constantly keeping stories updated with the most recent news, the system creates visually appealing covers to attract the reader’s attention and generates direct links to the main news for immediate in-depth analysis. It is an editorial system that adapts and reacts in time real to changes and developments in the news.”

The advantages

First of all, constant updating: the algorithm keeps the contents always updated, ensuring the news is up-to-date. Then accessibility with covers and direct links that facilitate access to in-depth news and the stories format, already popular on social media and capable of significantly increasing reader engagement. According to the creators of the project, this automation is also useful in terms of economic sustainability: automation in fact reduces operating costs and offers the possibility of concentrating human resources on activities such as analysis and journalistic analysis.