Publishing, Cicchitto: “Socialist Civilization is born to fill a cultural void”

Filling a void that no one can fill: that of reformist socialist culture. This is why the new magazine directed by Umberto Ranieri and Fabrizio Cicchitto, “Civiltà socialista”, was born. “We founded this new magazine, Ranieri and I who come from two different experiences, to mark a reformist socialist position with two histories behind it, that of the meliorists and that of the Socialist Party, because it seems to us that there is a void that no one can fill fill up”, explains Fabrizio Cicchitto to AdnKronos.

“The right – he explains – is covering all the spaces intrinsic to its experience; on the left, the absence of a culturally reformist socialist position has created a void not filled either by the Democratic Party and its travail or by the attempt of the so-called third pole. We have considered that a recovery of socialist culture is fundamental, first of all on a cultural level”. What happened in ’92-’94, i.e. the elimination of the Socialist Party, ended up creating a void, for Cicchitto, which can no longer be filled “because the Democratic Party is founded on non-choice. What D says is true ‘Alema: the Democratic Party is made up of heterogeneous, non-homogenized materials. It should choose: either they are reformists or they give life to a neo-communist, maximalist, populist, neutralist party. Failure to choose, however, causes disasters”.

A “deadly defect”, the non-choice, proven by the electoral outcome: “the Pd went to the elections having already lost them from the start, while the centre-right, despite the contradictions, united according to the logic imposed by the electoral law the Democratic Party has responsibility”. Result: “while other political formations have lost votes, see M5S, Forza Italia and Lega, but have obtained political results, the Democratic Party has lost a few votes but has faced an abysmal political defeat that requires a review, but it does not seem to me that they are doing it”.

Paradoxical, for Cicchitto, “the formation of this commission for the political document, and I have never seen a political document drawn up by 87 people, from which three people who represent significant political positions remain: Bettini, Franceschini and Guerrini. Why do it if not to ‘not choose’? The risk is that once again the Democratic Party will hold a congress based only on people and not on basic choices. The magazine ‘Civiltà socialista’ seeks to cover, essentially on a cultural level, a reformist socialist void that has determined itself and that it is causing cultural and political consequences”.

The Meloni government? “Given that Italy has half committed suicide by not keeping Draghi – replies Cicchitto – it seems to me that Meloni is aware and aware of the difficulties and that if he crushes himself on extreme sovereign positions, he is lost. There are a series of holes and the most relevant is that which we talk about the least: health care. A defect that remains open and unchanged but it is an enormous problem that risks making our lives very complicated. On the economic policy front, the worst has been avoided and it is difficult to obtain the best. a tiring middle road”.