Publishing, Fieg: “Legislature pact for information, rebuilding trust between institutions and citizens”

“To the Legislature Pact presented by the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, to whom the best wishes of the whole sector go, we invite you to add a Pact for information, to rebuild trust between institutions and citizens.

An agreement that should be based on concrete interventions for public support for publishing and on the transparency and responsibility of anyone who works on the Net. damage for information. It is also necessary to consolidate the interventions of public support for publishing, making them structural with adequate public resources also to support the transition to digital “.

Thus the President of Fieg, Andrea Riffeser Monti, commented with a note on the programmatic statements of the President of the Council to Parliament.

“In the legislature that has just ended, we have noted with satisfaction the convergence of all the political forces present in Parliament in support of professional publishing with a particularly active role of the opposition which has led to a strengthening of the interventions. The measures of public support for publishing – continued the President of Fieg – are widespread throughout Europe. From a recent comparative survey by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers it emerges that the measures adopted in Italy in favor of the publishing sector are neither a unicum nor a model in its own right in the European panorama, indeed our country is next to last in the European Union for resources direct per capita employed in favor of publishing “.