** Publishing: Furio Colombo, ‘sad story of Unity, inglorious end of a glorious title’ **

“An inglorious end, for a glorious newspaper that made the history not only of journalism but of politics in Italy”. Thus Furio Colombo, in the role of former director of the Unit, comments to AdnKronos the indictment of the former publisher Renato Soru for the failure of what was the official organ of the PCI, premising that “he knows nothing of the judicial matter in the its developments “.

For Colombo, “it is a sad story, which is very reminiscent and recalls the other very sad story of the Feste dell’Unità, celebrated when L’Unità no longer exists: but how can you celebrate it as ‘dead’? And to think that there are also political personalities that that newspaper should have protected and held dear and instead let it drift, as if it were less than a useless tinsel, almost a weight tied to the ankle to be freed as soon as possible “.

Furio Colombo underlines “the clamorous mistake for the left, that is, being able to think that the passages on TV could replace such a prestigious reference newspaper. some court. It’s a shame, because many of us have put so much personal and professional commitment into the Unity “.

(say Enzo Bonaiuto)