Publishing, Mollicone: “Moles takes Fdi appeal to defense sector: yes to additional tax credit for paper”

“On the occasion of the literary Monday initiative organized by the Farefuturo Foundation, I presented my book ‘Italy on stage’. A moment of recounting the parliamentary battles that have taken place during this legislature. Among these, the one in defense of ‘national publishing: a theme linked to the change in the scenario of the transition to digital. A commitment that saw the proposal of the fund for innovation and publishing and the refinancing of the credit imposed by the card “. Thus the deputy of Fdi Federico Mollicone.

“The conference – he explains – was also an opportunity for an appeal for the creation of a permanent observatory between the categories of publishing companies and with competitors, to defend national publishing and find synthesis between the parties. Undersecretary for Publishing Moles, who announced an additional extraordinary tax credit for the paper. The event saw the participation of the President Adolfo Urso, the Undersecretary for Information and Publishing Giuseppe Moles, the Vice President of Confindustria Radio and TV Francesco Dini and the President Fieg Andrea Riffeser Monti “.