Publishing, November 7 on the ‘Tirreno’ first insert written by Tuscan school students

‘Scuola2030’ at the first halfway point, a maxi editorial staff of 350 students. Six years ago, Nuova Sardegna launched the project

‘Scuola2030’ reaches the first halfway point. An editorial team of students has just been formed, thanks to the help of teachers, and has 350 boys and girls who, as part of the Pcto project, are ready to deal with the journalistic profession in first person on the pages and on the website of the ‘ Tyrrhenian ‘. Launched at the beginning of October, ‘Scuola2030’ is the pilot project proposed by the Tyrrhenian to third, fourth and fifth grades of high schools in Tuscany, the region’s first ever experience of school-work alternation in the publishing field. The project sees the collaboration and endorsement of the Regional School Office – Ministry of Education, and as a whole allows students to recognize up to 70 hours of activity. A cultural project to give an insight into everyday reality through the reading and writing of articles.

The war in Ukraine, the crime news, psychic distress and eating disorders in adolescence, but also the famous – notorious – wheeled benches: these are the themes proposed by the very young aspiring journalists who with ‘Scuola2030’ will have the opportunity to tell, of share their experiences, talk about their city, their school, their relationship with peers and adults. In short, to take the word and from the pages of the ‘Tyrrhenian’ to let readers know their world. The first deadline is in a week when the first special ‘Scuola2030’ written by the students will be released.

Six years ago it was Nuova Sardegna that launched the project and now there are 34 companies that sponsor it. In the weekly 8-page insert, high school students write. New Sardinia sends newspapers to class every morning. There are 70 institutes involved throughout Sardinia and the students’ editorial team is made up of 450 young people.