Publishing, SocialData presents ‘The summer of Italian information on the web’

Wednesday 20 September at 6.00 pm, in Piazza di Pietra in Rome

‘The summer of Italian information on the web – Topics, news and user reactions’, a research carried out by the SocialData Editorial Observatory in collaboration with SocialCom, Jump and Kleos, will be presented on 20 September. The event will be held on Wednesday at 6pm in Rome, in the Hall of the Temple of Vibia Sabina and Hadrian, in Piazza di Pietra. The report analyzed over 600 thousand editorial contents and the related social posts published in the last three months by the top 160 information sites by audience, grouping together the main themes and reactions of the over 41 million Italians who get information online.

Gianluca De Marchi (SocialData) will open the proceedings, while the research will be presented by Luca Ferlaino (SocialCom). Roberta De Marco (Kleos) will instead delve into the theme relating to the central role of information between data and artificial intelligence. The report will be commented on by important personalities from the world of information.

Participating in the discussion are Bianca Berlinguer (È semper Cartabianca), Luigi Contu (director of the Ansa Agency), Giuseppe De Bellis (director of SkyTg24), Davide Desario (director of the Adnkronos Agency), Emiliano Fittipaldi (director of Domani), Agnese Pini (director of Qn), Alessandro Ravetta (director of Prima Comunicazione), moderated by Marco Agnoletti (Jump Comunicazione).