Punkreas return with Electric Déjà-Vu: “Trust is the viaticum to start over”

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With eleven unreleased albums behind him, over thirty years of career celebrated in 2022 with the tour XXX and… something which has recorded many sold outs in the main clubs of the peninsula, i Punkreas continue to leave their mark with the attitude and commitment that made them among the main exponents of punk rock and ska punk in Italy, sealing their path with a new and energetic record work. In Electric Déjà-Vu the band leaves aside the acoustic arrangements carried out in the live show Funny: The Best Story of Punkreas and in the disk Funny Goes Acoustic of 2021, to return to electric. The album, partly written before the pandemic, has the concept of historical courses and appeals as its common thread. In fact, throughout history we have witnessed situations that recall previous events comparable to circumstances of the current period. Politics, economy, culture, social struggle: they repeat themselves like an eternal return, showing how history tends to live in a continuous déjà-vu.

Paletta, let’s start from the history of the album: when did you work on it and how? Current events are very present.

Some songs are born before the pandemic and follow a project. Current events… in the record, as in life, there are right-wingers like in 1920, wars… but everything is up-to-date. Before we didn’t talk about real and virtual life, it’s all a deja vu.
Games with Hands up excerpt that everything is but a sign of surrender. Indeed it is an incentive to take life by the hand and no longer look at the shoes in the face of injustice.

In times when everyone has difficulty, those who are left behind must have someone who stretches out their arms and welcomes them. We trust when we jump off stage onto people. Hands up are security and trust is the viaticum to start over. Hands up it is rebirth.
Come on come on come on has a violent text: is the future of humanity on a bicycle like delivery?

I don’t know how to imagine the future. Due to the pandemic we have understood what it means to be locked up at home and away from people. Delivery seems to make life easier but in our opinion it takes away from human values. Apart from a few companies that have regularized their employees, we are in the presence of a new illegal hiring. Now that there is a certain normality we need to reset and try to understand that we often accept that people are exploited for the convenience of having a sandwich at home. We have to defend these people.
“No excuses and no compromise now we go”… Where do we go? The feeling is that it goes on only in words despite “Greta Thunberg-Pippi Longstocking” (as in the song, ed). Is another world really possible?

It’s the only solution. We must understand that this is our world. We must instill the culture of ecology and avoid waste. To change the world you need to communicate.
The title is Battle Lost but the heroes who populate the song, from Rosa Parks to Albert Sabin suggest the opposite, that there will be no more books burned. Despite the current political situation.

I am afraid. We are still hesitant to think about the ius alone and we are in the third generation, we are talking about people born and raised in Italy. It is still scary to talk about integration even though we are a super multiracial country. We are far behind and the political situation worries me a lot.
“But then you think that everything has changed that there is only you left”. Do you feel like survivors? Or the resisters?

We are highlanders. Once upon a time, even just going to buy a record was a ritual. There are generations that support us. I don’t have the sphere to give you an answer.
“The usual fake news like an old blues”. Do you have a reference musician?
Absolutely yes. There are many but I can’t name names otherwise I’ll end up badly. In the virtual world we don’t understand what is fake and what is reality. I see talents who are unable to express themselves due to lack of venues and there are those who occupy space with mediocre qualities to the detriment of those who deserve a stage.
THE Warlords is the modern version of The Ballad of the Hero by Fabrizio De André?

I think yes, that’s a good analogy. The crisis in a country is often resolved with war. Ending it by sending weapons is absurd, it’s wrong: dialogue is needed to extinguish a war.
Are we a poor people? It is almost Gaberian in text.

Absolutely yes. The word has been cleared through customs for a decade. Until we take life back into our own hands realizing that we create the discomfort, we will be disadvantaged.
Do you remember the last time you found your perfect day? And you believe that not following trends today is a philosophy that makes you feel good even if it’s not convenient.

In 1996 when Juve won the Champions Cup. The perfect day is when you start doing what you wanted, aware that sacrifices are needed.
What is the line between unfounded fear and obsession?

The limit is relating to someone who explains to you that fear is overcome and to overcome obsession you go back a step. The strength lies in not being alone and talking, confronting each other.
“And you really understand what you want…” is the ending that opens up to hope? Even if it’s not easy being who you are.
You have to think positively. Closing down makes you lose hope.
The recurring theme of the album is time. There are quick transitions between the present and the past. When is this work conditioned by unfulfilled promises? And what relationship do you have with time?
The future cannot be read and a balance between the past and the present is needed to find a balance. It is an analysis that leads to the right equation. I live following the carpe diem accompanied by the baggage of what I have experienced. I feel a little more rational. By balancing the good and bad of the past and that of today, you can find the right relationship with time.
What will happen in the coming weeks?

We’ll do the last April dates indoors and then we’ll go open air, we’ll announce the summer dates soon. And there will be other surprises, including an important collaboration destined to become a project.