Purple like the sea, twist: viewers are speechless

Viewers didn’t even remotely expect such news and they were all amazed. What happened…

Purple like the sea is a television series that aired on Channel five as of September 30 last year. The product, divided into twelve mini-episodes broadcast in prime time, was on air until 4 November, gaining great appreciation from the Italian public. The main protagonist is Francesca Chillemiwho plays the role of Violet Vital. Next to her are Can Yaman And Simona Cavallari.

Purple like the sea (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The plot is as follows: Purplemoves to Palermo after having worked for years in the fashion field a Paris. Once she arrives in her hometown, the young woman will do everything to find her father, whom she has never known. Purple deals with crime news and works for an editorial staff of an online newspaper. Precisely because of her work, the character played by chill me he knows the chief inspector of police Francis Demirplayed by the Turkish actor Can Yaman.

The man is very talented at his job but is quite wary of the world around him. Between the two immediately arises a feeling and they start working together on some cases. The public was immediately passionate about their cases and asked for one second season through social networks. Now we know that fans of this TV show will be satisfied soon. Here’s what will happen in the second season of Purple like the sea.

Purple like the sea, the words of the screenwriter

Helena Bucaccioscreenwriter of the hit television series Purple like the seareleased some statements to the microphones of Fanpages, announcing production on the show’s second season. In reality, the work has already started and important changes are expected, both in the cast and in the plot. The subject the second part has already been written, so the authors are already dealing with the individual episodes.

Yaman Chillemi
Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Filming will start between spring and summer 2023 and will be available between autumn of the same year and spring of 2024. The goal is to air a series one year after the previous season and it will be like this again. “We will see Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman again but there will also be new entries”she said Bucacciowho also focused on some previews.

New figures will arrive who will put them in crisis Purple but they will help her on her way: “We will see an important focus in his work. As for the cases, we start from true stories that are completely transformed”. There screenwriter he also explained the reason that led them to choose the two protagonists: “Francesca Chillemi has been working with us for a long time, she has a very strong aesthetic and we understood that Can was perfect next to her. You worked with an Italian coach. They’re crazy together.”. Many fans were surprised that the Turkish actor was not dubbed, a clear sign that he learned Italian quickly before starting filming.