Put like Jesus? Adani’s new show for Argentina-Australia

“Turn water into wine”

Leo Messi ‘divine’. Daniele Adani, in the commentary with Stefano Bizzotto for Argentina-Australia, is inflamed again by the exploits of the Pulce in the challenge won by the seleccion 2-1 in the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Up to now Adani has underlined with emphasis and transport the performance of the PSG champion, also ending up in the crosshairs of critics for the tones used in the commentary. In the match between Argentina and Australia, Adani ‘flirts’ with religion. When Messi – in his 1000th professional match – signs the 1-0 goal with a delicious left foot, Adani takes the chair: “Here it is, here it is. 1000 and 1 mas, 1000 and 1 mas, he transforms water into wine from that position,” says Adani outlining the characteristics of a Messi version of Jesus. “We said it: never leave Messi free from that position. Fantastic, the best player in the world. the best football you can see on planet Earth, here it is : Lionel Messi” says the commentator. In the endgame, Messi invents a spectacular serpentine and is stopped in extremis in the Australian area. For Adani, there is enough to excite Diego Armando Maradona, who in the sky “sits to the left of Barba”.