Put on the kettle! Daniela Aránguiz revealed political intentions and sparked controversy in Zona de Estrellas

During the last episode of “Star Zone“, the panelists surprised the audience with a dynamic in which various topics were touched on, including politics. And that was where Daniela Aranguiz made a statement that left no one indifferent.

In the new section “Zona de Scanner”, the experts from the world of entertainment asked the former Mekano girl about her comments in “Not News” against Maite Orsini, to which she answered openly: “Cynical, liar, double speech. You can’t say you want to get rid of an institution and then say you’re in favor of it and you’re protecting it.”

“A show similar to that on television”: the political aspirations of Daniela Aránguiz

The situation did not go unnoticed by the host of the program, Mario Velasco, who asked her directly if she was interested in national politics. Ella Aránguiz did not think twice and replied that she would like to be mayor, adding that “it is a show quite similar to the one on television.”

Aránguiz’s support for Evelyn Matthei: a nod to the right?

But that was not all. Daniela also surprised the panelists with another revelation: “If at some point my Evelyn Matthei runs for president of the Republic, I would happily support and help her,” she said without hesitation.

These statements by Aránguiz generated great controversy on social networks, with users who both supported and criticized her. But what is certain is that the former reality girl does not stop surprising and she continues to make people talk.