Putin and justice, too many words from Berlusconi on the road to government

Denials and retractions, Meloni must solve problems created by others

A series of denials. With the same speed with which Silvio Berlusconi is spending too many words on the road that leads to the formation of the new Meloni government. Those on the chair of justice already assigned to Elisabetta Caselllati, and on the list of Forza Italia ministers already packed. And those on relations re-established with Putin.

Two different fronts and two potential crises. In the internal balance of the majority and in the international positioning of a government that does not yet exist. When Berlusconi refers to “Mrs. Meloni” and when he remembers that “his man works for Mediaset” he uses inelegant expressions that come directly from another era. But when he liquidates, as if it were closed to his advantage, the game of ministers makes an institutional disgrace first to the next prime minister and then to the head of state. And when he lets himself go to the story of a new Putinian inspiration, difficult to declassify in a story in the presence of an audio, he risks compromising the laborious construction, or reconstruction, of an international reputation.

Other words, those of the presidents of the Chamber and Senate, contribute to complicate the picture. Ignazio La Russa first denies that Casellati is already Minister of Justice and then tries to downsize the diplomatic gaffe of the Knight: “Beyond the free phrases spoken to his, not public, and I would like to ask myself about who lets them out, in the end I am convinced that there is no skid “, by Silvio Berlusconi on Putin. Those of Lorenzo Fontana add problems to the problems.” We must pay attention to the sanctions: they could be a boomerang. They, Russia were prepared for some time, we in Europe no “. Berlusconi reconnects relations with Putin and Fontana, then Matteo Salvini, through an intermediary, returns to question the choices of the Western front. There is enough to cause a short circuit. For now made up of too many words.

And in the face of too many words, Giorgia Meloni, at least for now, remains silent. She faces problems that she did not create but that she will have to solve. (By Fabio Insenga)