Putin and typical day: “I sleep little, do sports and work”

Russian president: “Santa Claus is more important than me…”

Wake up early, sometimes very early. A little physical activity and a lot of work. Russian President Vladimir Putin in a ‘private’ version answers questions in connection with a meeting with representatives of large families. “Like everyone, I sleep. I try not to give up sports, it helps me work. I sleep little, 6-7 hours at most. Today, however, I slept much less: it happens”, says Putin, referring to a day started earlier than usual, probably due to news of new attacks in the Belgorod region of Russia, on the border with Ukraine.

“It’s probably not worth summarizing the whole agenda, it’s quite monotonous,” the president cut short. Is it difficult to govern such a large country? “Governing Russia isn’t difficult, but it’s totally useless,” says Putin, proposing an aphorism that has been attributed to various figures throughout history. There are those who venture questions to the limit: “Am I more important than Santa Claus? I think he is more important, he is a character born of good. And we are all sinners”.

The Russian media obviously also give space to statements by the Russian president on the ‘special operation’ in Ukraine: “I am sure that the victory will be ours, we will win. And in the end our country will be the guarantor of peace and security”. “It is like this, it will be like this, as you said. No doubts because we are defending our land, our people and our values. There are no doubts here, there is nothing to talk about”.