Putin, Hungary against ICC issued arrest warrant

Hungary says no to the arrest of Vladimir Putin if he sets foot on its territory. This was communicated by Gergely Gulyás, head of cabinet of the Hungarian premier, Viktor Orban, quoted by the local media. Although Budapest has joined the International Criminal Court, he explained, the treaty “has not yet been promulgated” because it is “contrary to the Constitution”. The arrest warrant, Gulyàs added, is “unfortunate” because it further hinders the end of the war. But, according to a spokesman for the International Criminal Court itself, Hungary “ratified the treaty in 2001” and has “the obligation to cooperate with the Court in the framework of the Rome Statute”.

Spokesman Orban: “Putin’s arrest would cause war to escalate”

Gergely Gulyas said during a briefing that there are no reasonable grounds to believe that Putin bears individual criminal responsibility. Orban’s chief of staff then elaborated on the reasons for the no to the possible arrest of the Russian president: the Rome Statute, he explained, has not been integrated into the Hungarian legal system. “We can refer to Hungarian law and based on it we cannot arrest the Russian president as the statute of the International Criminal Court has not been promulgated in Hungary.” Then on the arrest warrant for Putin he added that “these decisions are not the most fortunate as they lead things towards a further escalation and not towards peace”.