Putin: “Israel has the right to defend itself, but create independent Palestine”

The Russian president: “Implement the UN two-state formula”

Six days after the Hamas attack on Israel, and after the accusations leveled at the USA, Vladimir Putin admits that “Israel has the right to defense and to guarantees of its peaceful existence”, even as he stresses the need to create an independent Palestine.

“The goal of the negotiations must be the implementation of the United Nations two-state formula which entails the creation of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital that coexists in peace and security with Israel which has suffered an attack of incredible brutality,” the Russian president said. “It is crucial to work to resolve these issues in peaceful ways,” he stressed.

The system of international relations “is undergoing irreversible changes and we see it clearly”, said the Russian President in his speech at the summit of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States underway in Bishek. These changes concern “first of all the trend of the global economy, which is the foundation of everything else”, he added.

Putin’s words to the Iraqi prime minister: “Escalation is the fault of the USA”

In his meeting in the Kremlin with the Iraqi prime minister who was visiting Moscow, three days ago Putin pointed the finger at the USA, explaining that the escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essentially the fault of the United States which over time has exerted pressure on both the parties involved. And they have never taken into consideration the fundamental interests of the Palestinians, the first of which is that of implementing the resolutions of the UN Security Council. The escalation in the Middle East is a clear example of the failure of US policy in the region, Putin said in his first public statement since the beginning of the Hamas attack on Israel, underlining that Washington “tried to monopolize the agreements , without worrying about finding compromises acceptable to both parties”.

Relations between Russia and Hamas

Russia’s relations with Hamas have intensified since the start of the war against Ukraine, as relations with Israel have deteriorated, but Moscow’s influence on Hamas is considered minimal. A few months after the invasion began, a delegation of high-ranking Hamas officials arrived in Moscow, where they were received by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. And in these hours, the Russian leadership continues to identify Hamas with the Palestinian leadership.