Putin: “Prigozhin a talented man who made mistakes”

Condolences from the Russian president after the death of the head of Wagner

Evgheny Prigozhin “was a talented man who made mistakes.” These are the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin who, as reported by the Tass agency, breaks his silence and expresses himself on the death of Evgheny Prigozhin, head of Wagner who died yesterday – with 9 other people – in the crash of his plane in Russia. According to Putin, who offers his condolences, Wagner’s contribution to the fight against neo-Nazism will not be forgotten. In the message, according to Tass, the Russian president defines Prigozhin, whom he met in the early 1990s, as a man “with a difficult destiny” but capable of achieving “the desired results”.

“He was a man with a difficult destiny”, Putin said in a meeting in the Kremlin filmed on TV, during which the president explained that Prigozhin had returned yesterday from Africa and had met “some officials”, without specifying who. “He’d made some serious mistakes in his life. He’d gotten the results he needed and the effort I’d asked of him over the last few months.”

The Russian leader promises that the authorities will investigate the circumstances of the alleged plane crash. Putin confirmed that “preliminary information suggests that Wagner personnel were also on board the plane. I would like to underline that these people have made a significant contribution in the fight against the neo-Nazi regime”. The Investigative Committee has initiated proceedings to ascertain the causes that led to the crash of the plane in the Tver region, while the jet was on its way from Moscow to St. Petersburg.