Putin: “Revolution in progress, nothing will return to the way it was before”

The Russian President at the St. Petersburg Forum: “Unprecedented sanctions but we are strong and we will win all challenges”

There is a irreversible revolution taking place in the worldbut the United States and other Western countries continue to delude themselves that it will be possible to return to the previous equilibrium, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in his speech at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, reiterating his geopolitical idea.

“The United States has not noticed that they have been created in the last few decades several other centers, with development models precisely that they have the right to be protected. It is a revolution – Putin said -. The role of countries that develop dynamically and progressively is growing whose interests can no longer be ignoredbelieving that everything will return to the way it was before, they are irreversible “, he added.

Everything will never be the same again, but some Western leaders – says the Russian President – remain under the illusion that this is not the case, cling to the past, and are convinced that they will forever dominate the economy and politics. But there is nothing eternal. These leaders reason with the categories of the last century and are prisoners of their illusions “.

“WE WILL NOT ISOLATE” – Russia has no intention of isolating itself, although the West wants it “to choose the path of self-isolation”, assured the Russian president. On the contrary, he said, Russia “will increase” its engagement “with all those who are interested”. There are so many countries that want to work with Russia that he has no intention of naming them, Putin continued, stressing that this amounts to an “overwhelming number of people on Earth”.

THE SANCTIONS – Those imposed on Russia are ”sanctions without precedenti ”, but ” we are strong people and we can overcome all challenges that are proposed to us. The history of our country proves this, “said the head of the Kremlin.”Economic sanctions are a double-edged sword which often strikes more those who introduce them “, Putin said, underlining that” in European countries the economic and social problems have worsened (in recent months, ed.) “.

” We have stabilized the financial and economic market ” so much so that ”this spring’s catastrophic predictions have failed”, Putin assured, arguing that ” our finances have been stabilized ” and ” we have injected liquidity into our companies ”.

In contrast theEuropean Union has lost economic and political sovereignty and this is especially true now that he has tried to threaten our economy, but in this way he has threatened his own economy ”, Putin warned, arguing that ” the current situation is not only the result of these sanctions, of the special military operation that Russia has undertaken in the Donbass ”. Putting the responsibility on Russia, he added, ” would mean shift the responsibility to someone else. But in our world there is this situation because the so-called G7 has had such a situation for many years that deteriorated during the pandemic in 2020 when the demand and supply of services and goods dropped dramatically. ”

THE WHEAT CRISIS – Russia is not blocking Ukrainian wheat, argued President Putin. “Famine in the poorest countries will be on the conscience of the US administration and Eurocrats“said Putin, who accused the US of printing money and” grabbing “food on global markets. Promising that Russia would send food to Africa and the Middle East, Putin argued that Ukraine does not have enough grain. to make a difference, but Russia can export more.

“Russia – Putin clarified – welcomes the dialogue with the United Nations on wheat and food supplies”.

UKRAINE AND EU – Russian President Vladimir Putin said of “have nothing against” Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. Affirming that the EU “is not a political-military bloc”, referring to the Ukrainians, the Russian president said “let them join them, they pose no threat to us”.