Putin: “Russia does not attack Poland”. Warsaw: “No one believes it”

The Russian president’s interview with Carlson does not convince Eastern European countries

“Attack Poland? Only if Poland attacks Russia.” Warsaw does not believe the claims of Vladimir Putin who, in the monologue interview with the American journalist Tucker Carlson, declared that Moscow has no attack plans against Poland and the Baltic countries. “It is not in our interests”, the words of the Russian president. The answer to Carlson is obviously not a sufficient policy for Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The Polish army is preparing for different scenarios, “nothing can limit our vigilance, certainly not these words, because they are not credible”, said the Polish Defense Minister, Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, commenting on the interview granted by Russian president.

“We have no interest in Poland, Latvia or anything else. Why should we? We just don’t care.” An invasion “is simply out of the question,” Putin said, adding that the only exception would be if Warsaw attacked Russia.

The interview provoked lively reactions in Poland, where no one forgets that Putin had said he did not want to attack Ukraine. Carlson is “a useful idiot” – said the Speaker of Parliament, Szymon Holownia – “he gave a microphone to a liar, a murderer and an international terrorist”. With the war in Ukraine, Putin has become a mortal threat to Poland, Europe and freedom, “we must stop this danger at all costs”, Holownia added.

Also angering the Poles were Putin’s incredible claims that Warsaw was responsible for the Second World War “because the Poles did not give the Danzig Corridor to Germany, prompting Hitler to attack them and thus starting the Second World War .”

“It is not the first time that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin blames Poland, invaded by Russia on September 17, 1839, for the outbreak of the Second World War. We are accustomed to paranoid justifications for the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 1922. What is shocking is that this time they are conveyed by an American journalist”, Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski wrote in X.