Putin-Xi, USA: “Russia and China want the world to have their own rules”

The White House: “No elements from the Moscow summit to end the war”

”China does not have an impartial position on the Ukrainian conflict” and ”if he really wanted to play a constructive role he would have to lead Russia to put an end to the war”. The spokesman of the National Security Council of the White House, John Kirby, rejects the position that the Chinese president Xi Jinping illustrated in Moscow, after the meeting with Vladimir Putin, who expressed a positive opinion on the Chinese plan to end the conflict .

According to Xi, Beijing has an “impartial position” with respect to the war and is “actively promoting the resumption of negotiations” between Kiev and Moscow “for the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis”. The White House, through Kirby’s words, laconically affirms that ”China and Russia would like the world to go according to their rules”. In any case, the United States “wants to keep the lines of communication open with China” and President Joe Biden will speak to Xi “at the appropriate time”. The summit staged in Moscow, in any case, does not fuel any kind of optimism across the Atlantic: “We have not seen anything, among what has been said and presented, that gives us hope for a quick end to the war Kirby said.

The Kremlin summit was followed from a distance with particular interest, of course, by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Kiev leader has suggested that China join the peace formula proposed by Ukraine and is confident of a response. Zelensky also requested direct contact with Xi Jinping, but a date for remote talks has not been set at the moment. “Nothing specific (it has been decided). We don’t have a confirmation yet,” the Ukrainian president said. “We have conveyed our peace formula to China both publicly and through diplomatic channels and have invited it to take part in its implementation. We await your response.”