Putin’s super train: gym, beautician and Turkish bath in the carriages

Pictures of the Russian president’s special train

A gym, a room for beauty treatments, a Turkish bath with whirlpool. It is Vladimir Putin’s ‘super train’, revealed by the photos that the Dossier Center shared with a series of international newspapers: CNN, Süddeutsche Zeitung and the German public broadcasters NDR and WDR. The images were provided by a source inside Zircon, a company linked to the Russian railways. The photos describe a train, made up of around twenty carriages in total, equipped with every comfort and extremely high safety standards for the Russian president’s journeys, judging by the fittings.

In August last year, according to CNN, the Russian bureaucracy had to deal with the procedure relating to the replacement of some gym machines on the train: in essence, the tools to allow Putin to train on long journeys have changed. The photos also reveal a ‘beautician’ room: a bed and skin care machines, in a protected environment inviolable from external audio interceptions. Passing from one carriage to another, you can access a Turkish bath, with shower and hydromassage.

CNN tried to get a comment from the Kremlin, which essentially denied the existence of an ultra-luxury convoy. The train, according to the images, is equipped with some special antennas, intended to guarantee the confidentiality of the president’s communications. Compared to air travel, traveling by rail would expose Putin to a lower risk of interference and interceptions.