Pwc Italia and Aspesi3 agreement to support the real estate sector in Veneto, Trentino and Friuli

Aspesi 3, the inter-regional headquarters of Aspesi in Northeast Italy, (National Association of Promotion and Territorial Development Companies), founded in 1993 and active with offices in Milan, Rome, Turin and Padua, operating in the Triveneto area for representing and coordinating the interests of real estate entrepreneurs, with a view to providing its members with highly professional services to support all real estate initiatives, has recently signed an agreement with PwC Italia, an organization that offers multidisciplinary services to companies and, in particular, it offers significant experience in professional activities related to real estate, allowing it to support Associated Companies, in all phases relating to the development of real estate projects, including those of significant scope. The collaboration between the two entities was promoted by PwC Business Service and PwC Tls.

“It is with great satisfaction that I sign this convention, as the first act since my recent appointment as president”, says the President of Aspesi3, Ciro Liccardi “I believe it is essential, especially in the historical moment in which we are living, that the real estate sector is in able to evolve into a more structured and efficient system. To do this, our associates need important skills and services of the highest level, found in PwC, an international network that needs no introduction. From today, PwC services will be affiliated, according to what has just been signed and available to our members “.