Q&A Parisi-Presta, former dancer denies foreclosure. The manager: “The lawsuit”

The television producer to Adnkronos: ”His sentence is not for having posted photos but for what he wrote below”

Q&A Between Heather Parisi and the television manager Lucius Presta. For the first time, the showgirl, in a long post published on her Instragram stories, talks about the story brought to light by Presta who on her Twitter profile had said that the bailiff had reached the former dancer, who has lived in Hong Kong for years Kong, in the margin of the broadcast recording ‘beasts’so that it would honor the provisions of the Court ”who sentenced you to pay a large sum for defamation”, wrote Presta. The bailiff had also carried out‘the foreclosure to a physical person at the studios at the end of the recording”, wrote the television manager on Twitter.

Parisi denies that this ever happened and talks about ”media lynching”. ”What would I have ever done so terrible to deserve this treatment? – he writes the former showgirl – I posted the photo of my late best friend, embraced me, ‘without the written consent of the heirs”’. Parisi then stated that ”the sentence sentenced me, for the mere formal fact of publishing the photo without written authorization, to compensation for damages” and that ”no representative (of the police, ed.) has ever revealed himself in my presence”. Presta’s reply was immediate, who wrote on Twitter: “After today’s latest statements from the beloved Heather Parisi I will have to sue the lady for defamation and a series of lies or I will be forced to publish a transfer made that day by a third person linked to her husband, which is why they did not foreclose. Think about it”. The television manager
at Adnkronos he also explains that Parisi was not convicted for having ”put the photo” but ”for what she wrote underneath – she says – She put the mother of my children, my wife, the person I loved more in the world, to a friend of hers than the words my wife would never speak against me and against her children. Because of this the judge sentenced her”, concludes Presta.

(by Alisa Toaff)