Qatar 2022, Buffon: “Strange start, without the usual emotional participation”

“I didn’t understand if it was because Italy or because they are playing in winter and there was no preparation”

A “strange” start according to Gigi Buffon. Thus the world champion blue goalkeeper, speaking to the microphones of ‘Radio Anch’io sport’ of Radio 1 Rai, speaking of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, noting that at the start of the planetary soccer tournament “emotional participation is usually very high, in this case no. I didn’t understand if it was because Italy or because they are playing in the winter and there was a lack of preparation: so far they have played in clubs”.

Qatar 2022 World Cup – The Special

As for the opening match between Ecuador and Qatar, “it was a disappointing match, I expected more from the Qatari line-up, a stronger team than it appeared yesterday. Their match was probably conditioned by responsibility. In my opinion, the non-accustomed playing certain events may have weighed: the stadium was full”.

“I consider Iran’s presence to be very right because sport must be meritocratic and they deserved this opportunity on the field. If this participation also becomes a way to send signals of collective humanity, so be it. Long live courage of Iran’s players,” Buffon underlined.

Cameroon’s team “I’ve always supported as a second team, since the 1982 World Cup and then found this consecration in 1990 when it was the real surprise of the Italian World Cup. There have been several players who have entered my heart, I know the whole 1990 squad by heart,” he added.