Qatar 2022, Christillin: “Fifa who awarded the World Cup has been swept away”

The UEFA member on the Fifa board said this to Radio 1 Rai’s “Radio Anch’io sport”.

“We must never extinguish the hopes and expectations of countries that have never been part of the football universe. We are rightly indignant about other values ​​that are not those of football, such as the rights of workers and the gay community. We also remember that the 2010 Fifa no longer exists, it has been completely swept away: those people who made it possible to award the World Cup to Qatar are no longer part of the Fifa body“. He says it to “Radio Anch’io sport” of Radio 1 Rai Evelina ChristillinUEFA member on the FIFA board.

“Why go to Qatar? Look also at the Olympics, always awarded in recent years to countries not exactly at the top of the civil rights rankings. Even China itself, with the World Cup, has failed to create a football culture that testifies how those efforts had also made sense in a sporting sense. Qatar will import European and South American football to have events there, but it is a little compared to the enormous financial effort to set up this world cup”.

The times of recoveries, at the World Cup, “are decidedly too long, especially those at the end of the first half”, he explains again, continuing: “Perhaps there is not yet a great preparation for the Var, it takes too much time. It seems to me that are slowness due to the fear of making decisions too quickly”. Furthermore, to Infantino, “I would say to pay a little attention at the press conference, he is usually a reflective man, perhaps he has let himself go too much. I would also suggest that he be more open on the issue of colours”.

“I’ve seen many good matches – continues Christillin -, only one team was not up to the overall value: Qatar, in fact already eliminated. What has been done in terms of infrastructure and structures, the same cannot be said of the team of Qatar. Overall I would say that the global level of football has certainly improved, even if European football continues to be the spearhead compared to everything else.”