Qatar 2022, Croatia-Morocco: the final match that helps statistics

The African team celebrates the best position in history, Modric plays his last in a World Cup

Finishing third, or fourth, in a World Cup makes little difference. But you play all the same, for the takings and to give a sense of ‘completeness’ to the tournament. There final for third place of Qatar 2022, Croatia-Moroccomainly used for statistics. One of the two will be third, the other fourth.

However, it is a game that has meanings that go beyond the result. However, Morocco can celebrate the best result in the history of an African team and its consecration as a reality, no longer a surprise, in world football. Luka Modric, one of the greatest midfielders of the last twenty years, plays his last match at a World Cup at the age of thirty-seven.

Returning to the statistics, here are the third, and fourth, of the last five World Cups:

– 2018: Belgium third and England fourth (2-0)

– 2014: Netherlands third and Brazil fourth (3-0)

– 2010: Germany third and Uruguay fourth (3 – 2)

– 2006: Germany third and Portugal fourth (3-1)

– 2002: Turkey third and South Korea fourth (3 to 2)