Qatar 2022, England-Wales 3-0

Pass for England’s round of 16 where they will face Senegal

L’England drops the trio against Wales in their first meeting against another British team at the World Cup, in group B of Qatar 2022. The Three Lions have won all of their last seven games against Wales. Southgate’s team qualifies for the round of 16, where they will face Senegal, from first in the group with 7 points, while Page’s team finishes last by one point. At the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan, the Three Lions got off to a strong start and in the 10th minute Kane received between the lines and pocketed for Rashford who appeared in front of Ward but kicked the Welsh goalkeeper’s body from a low angle. In the 38th minute Bellingham’s personal action serves Foden, with the City player controlling and kicking with his left foot without finding the mirror on goal. Wales shy and not very proactive with the only offensive ring coming at the end with Allen’s oversized conclusion.

At the start of the second half, the match changes within a minute. In the 50th minute, a free kick earned by Foden on 20 metres, Rashford takes charge of the kick and passes Ward with a right-footed shot to the left of the goalkeeper for the 1-0. Only one minute passes and in the 51st minute the English double: Rashford puts pressure on Davies and facilitates the recovery of the ball by Kane who controls and serves Foden who overtakes Ward for 2-0. Wales failed to fight back and England scored again. In the 68th minute Phillips launched for Rashford who entered the area from the right, converged towards the center and kicked a powerful low shot with his left foot that Ward deflected but was unable to deflect, for the United striker’s personal double, Wales did not oppose to the English gusts and again Rashford nearly poker but Ward rejects with his foot. Then Bellingham and Foden try but without success. In the final match in the 91st minute Foden’s corner and Maguire’s aerial tower for Stones who receives a few steps away from Ward who sends over the crossbar.