Qatar 2022, Fiorello against the World Cup

“They have never played football there, we interrupt the most beautiful championship in the world …”

“We have blocked our championship, the most beautiful championship in the world, to make room for the World Cup in Qatar. A country that is not traditionally football. When have they ever played football in Qatar? When has there ever been a football championship there? football? Where did they play? In oil wells? There was no space. There were drills. ” so Fiorello jokes, in his unmistakable style, about the next World Cup during “Waiting for Viva Rai2!”, the daily live appointment at 7.15 on his Instagram profile and to follow on RaiPlay with exclusive contents, awaiting the official departure on December 5th of “Viva Rai2!” on Rai 2.

“Everyone should withdraw from this World Cup – continues Fiorello – A country where all the inhabitants, ‘the Qataris’ (laughs, ed), have written ‘Human Rights’ on their doormat. And they trample them every day. You have heard what they have said about homosexuals? All the fans and insiders will be locked in a Fan Zone, in a confined space, and if they leave there they will be arrested. And we close the championship for all this? And Rai has spent 200 million for take the rights of these World Cups? ‘”. Finally, Fiorello returns to sport and compliments Italrugby, who beat Australia for the first time last Saturday in Florence: “An impossible feat, as if Cavese beat Paris Saint-Germain in football. I could say also Priolo or Megara, the team from Augusta, my country. Rugby is waking up “.