Qatar 2022, Italians ‘support’ Argentina but on social media there is also talk of rights

Argentina is by far the most cited national team on social networks by Italians with 3,320 surveys: surprisingly, its name surpasses Brazil, which has always dominated the media debate. But the real news is the political discussion that characterizes the conversations on the main social networks: there is talk of rights, protest, respect but also of war and death (that of the workers employed to build the stadiums). The World Cup, therefore, for the first time becomes an opportunity to talk about politics, even in Italy. And so the percentage of negative posts regarding Iran is particularly high, testifying to the global echo reached by the recent revolt of young people against the regime of the Ayatollahs. This is what emerges from the Telpress Italia Report ‘Italians and the world’, an analysis of the conversations carried out with MediaScope, the web and social listening platform based on the continuous monitoring of the main social networks with the aim of offering an updated overview in real time on the main topics of public debate, not only in Italy

Much has been said about the national teams of the two leading countries of the opposing sides in the Middle East, i.e. Iran and Saudi Arabia, respectively at 2,024 and 1,958, slightly behind Germany, another national team rich in history and tradition, which stops at 1,851. Followed by Mexico (1,198) and Croatia (1,166) who beat the two most highly rated nations in Europe but historical adversaries of Italy: France (1,033) and England (762). It is interesting to note Spain’s absence from the top 20 nations (284), despite the resounding debut victory against Costa Rica which, on the contrary, is surprising for its presence in the Top20. The gesture of the Japanese fans to collect the rubbish after the match against Germany did not go unnoticed.

The most viral posts of the first week of the event arrive from the FIFA World Cup account: in first place the anticipation for the debut of the strongest and most famous player in the world, the Argentine Leo Messi, generates 2,353,031 interactions. Subsequently, the first of the non-Fifa posts, the praise of the Minister of Infrastructure Salvini towards the Japanese fans who, after witnessing the surprise victory of their national team over Germany, linger in the stadium cleaning the stands. The interest in the most followed sporting event globally together with the Olympic Games is capable of generating significant numbers on Italian social networks, despite the absence of the Italian national team, recording 39,894 shared mentions in the preliminary phase, 2.8 million times for a volume of interactions equal to more than 261 million reach. In addition to the hashtags related to the event #Qatar2022, #FifaWorldCup, Mondiali, Fifa, the other very common words are those of the participating nations, especially Argentina and Brazil. The two best-known champions do not break through: Messi and Ronaldo. Among the words that accompany this world championship there are also rights, protests and deaths, even if with a considerably lower diffusion than the others.