Qatar 2022, last call for Wales in the derby against England

Spotlight on the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium where the Derby British between Wales And England. A rivalry that goes far beyond football, more than 700 years old, since King Edward I of England invaded Wales in 1282, building the ‘Ring of Iron’, a ‘ring’ of castles to firmly control the region.

Qatar 2022 is the first World Cup that Wales has qualified for since 1958. A ‘derby’ for the prince hereditary William, head of the Football Association of England for years and Prince of Wales since September. “I support both sides. I always supported England as a child, in football. In rugby, however, I have always supported Wales and not the England national team. However, this year at the World Cup in Qatar I support both, so I can’t be wrong “, the words of William.

Bottom of the group with only one point to his credit, the result of the draw in their debut against the USA, after the 2-0 defeat against Iran the Welsh are called to the challenge pushed by Gareth BaleJoe Allen e Aaron Ramsey.