Qatar 2022, Stramaccioni ‘star’ of the World Cup: “My commentary is spontaneous, I let myself be carried away”

“Pizzul promoted me? It excites me immensely, he’s a legend”

“Is my commentary popular and it explodes on social media? I’m honoured. I didn’t know how to do it, I have no preparation in this sense and when Rai asked me, with great pride, to make the World Cup, my first response was ‘I am not able’. I do everything spontaneouslyI’m just in love with this sport.” Andrea Stramaccioni, in an exclusive interview with Adnkronos, recounts his experience as a commentator of the World Cup in Qatar, where he is depopulating on social media and in the public’s liking for his unconventional utterances and his enthusiasm outside the label.

“How do I do it? I honestly have no idea, I don’t have any kind of preparation. I honestly thought they wanted a studio involvement, when they told me they meant 90 minutes of commentary I was dumbfounded”, says Stramaccioni. Which with the Roman frankness that distinguishes him, he adds: “Sometimes I get carried away, I watch the game and tell it trying to convey what I see. I think this is the beauty of sport, trying to project and convey to the fan what I feel on the pitch. I have fun and I want them to have fun too.”

Speaking of the Argentina – Saudi Arabia match, which ended with the sensational victory of the Arab team and in which his enthusiastic and emotional comments made the web go crazy, Stramaccioni recounts: “I was in the trajectory in which I saw Saudi princes, powerful and imperturbable people, in front of me jumping like crazy. This is football, those 90 minutes in which you forget who you are and everyone becomes the same, there are no more problems, the 740, you cheer and get excited. If you don’t exalt yourself in those ten minutes it’s not fair that I tell about that game, I think so”.

To the news that the dean of commentators Pizzul, in an interview with Adnkronos, expressed positive comments on his debut on the microphones of the World Cup, he replies surprised: “Pizzul promoted me? This excites me immensely, he’s not a commentator, he’s a legendif he really liked me, it fills me with pride”.

The most difficult thing to convey to those who live in Italy, explains Stramaccioni, “is that here there are 32 teams in a much smaller city than my Rome. This thing strikes me a lot, 32 training centres, dozens and dozens of pitches , crazy organization. And then 32 fans, 32 representatives of cultures, religions, put together in the spirit of the World Cup. It’s a unique thing, I say this first of all as a fan”.

From a footballing point of view, says the coach, “it’s a World Cup that I really like because it confirms that the gap that could have been twenty years ago is no longer there. Just to give an example, the Georgian player from Napoli, Kvara, (Khvicha Kvaratskhelia , ed), or the Korean Kim, also from Napoli, years ago it would have been unthinkable for them to play at these levels, in Serie A. Football has changed, and if you are not concentrated and if you don’t play 100% you risk being beaten by Much more talented internationals. I am a supporter of South American teams, but what happened with Saudi Arabia is incredible.”