Qatar 2022, Tombolini: “I play too hard, a mistake not only by the referee but also by the Var”

In this World Cup I have noticed several red cards translated into yellow. Too often expulsions for heavy fouls are let loose, and the fault is not only of the referees, for some fouls the protocol provides for theintervention of the Var”. It is the comment to the referee meter on the most serious fouls at the world championship in Qatar by the former match director Daniel Tomboliniat Adnkronos.

“I register a tolerance that gradually gained space and the players didn’t back down. Neymar then maybe we don’t see him anymore, we will see Messi as long as he lasts – he continues -. It depends where we want to go, if we want technical football like Baggio, or if we want muscle football, then that’s fine.”

“In general I think that football has become more ‘violent’, or rather, as a sport it isn’t but it requires a lot from a physical point of view. It thus clearly becomes a discriminating factor, in the face of so many players with powerful physiques, to be physically like Rivera or Mazzola, today they would last a season ”, concludes Tombolini.

And on the scarce use of women referees he concludes. “I know well Stephanie
Frappart, I was surprised not to see her employed in this group stage of the World Cup and to see the other female referees only on the sidelines. Who knows, maybe Collina will have her on the pitch soon, or maybe in the round of 16. Let’s wait”.