Qatar 2022 World Cup, Croatia-Canada 4-1

Comeback of the vice world champions

Croatia comeback and beat Canada 4-1 in the match valid for the second day of Group F of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Adriatic national team rises to 4 points, at the top of the standings with Morocco, while the North Americans are stuck at zero behind Belgium (3).

THE MATCH – Canada shoots off: 68 seconds and it’s a goal. Buchanan crosses from the right, Davies catapults himself into the area and scores with an imperious header: 1-0 and Croatia are down without even starting to play. Modric & co. they have the necessary experience to absorb the shock and manage the complicated start: Canada, overflowing at an athletic level, advances in gusts and puts its rivals in difficulty. Gradually, however, the technical quality of the Croatians emerges. With Brozovic and Kovacic keeping Modric company, the vice-champions of the world always have the solution to get the ball moving.

The maneuver takes off and the draw arrives in the 30th minute: Livaja sinks in for Kramaric, the 1-1 however is canceled by the Var. The goal is only postponed. In the 36th minute Kovacic ignites the action, Perisic finishes and Kramaric – this time in regular position – makes no mistake from the left: 1-1. Canada accuses the blow and before the break finds itself below. In the 44th minute Juranovic’s percussion breaks the North American front, Livaja doesn’t let himself be asked and shoots with his right from the edge: 2-1.

The match appears directed and the second half confirms the impression. Canada tries to sting with shots from outside that don’t surprise Livakovic. Croatia dictates the pace and when it accelerates it hits the mark. In the 70th minute Perisic goes it alone and offers Kramaric a golden ball, control in the heart of the area and an impeccable left foot: 3-1 and the curtain. The last portion of the race only serves to round off the score. On the end credits, glory also for Majer who bags into an empty net: 4-1.