Qatar 2022 World Cup, Fifa go-ahead for anti-discrimination band

Infantino: “Everyone is welcome for the Qatari leadership. If someone says otherwise, it’s not the opinion of the country and it’s certainly not the opinion of Fifa”

Green light, immediately, to the anti-discrimination armband for the captains of the 32 teams participating in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. In a note, Fifa announces that “its No Discrimination campaign has been brought forward with respect to the scheduled quarter-final stage, so that all 32 captains have the opportunity to wear this armband during the World Cup“.

This, it reads, “is in line with Article 13.8.1 of the FIFA Equipment Regulations, which states: ‘For FIFA Finals the captain of each team must wear the captain’s armband supplied by FIFA.’

Qatar 2022 World Cup – The special

“The Qatar World Cup 2022 regulations, approved by all participants in the game, exist to preserve the integrity of the playing field for all participants and are equally applicable to all competing teams. Fifa – it continues – is an inclusive organization that wants to put football to the benefit of society by supporting good and legitimate causes, but it has to be done within the framework of the rules of the competition that are known to all.”

“I spoke on this topic with the top leadership of the country – the words of the FIFA president Gianni Infantino in the note -. They have confirmed and I can confirm that everyone is welcome. If someone says otherwise, well, that’s not the country’s opinion and it’s certainly not FIFA’s opinion.”