Qatargate, accepted postponement of hearing to 3 January for daughter Panzeri

The judges of the Brescia court of appeal: “To obtain information on prison conditions from Belgium”

The judges of the second criminal section of the Brescia court of appeal granted the Silvia Panzeri the “referral in order to obtain information from Belgium on the prison conditions in which the defendant would find herself” in the light of critical episodes recorded in some Belgian prisons with reference to overcrowding.

According to Belgian justice, the former MEP of the Democratic Party and then of Article 1 is a member of “a criminal organization” which is allegedly financed by Morocco and Qatar, and his daughter (like her mother Maria Dolores Colleoni, also under house arrest) “seems be fully aware of his father’s activities” and seems to “even participate in the transport of ‘gifts’ given to Morocco by AA, Moroccan ambassador in Poland” as stated in the mandate signed by judge Michel Claise.

The hearing to decide on the delivery to Belgium has been set for January 3 at 10 am.

THE DEFENCE – “We are satisfied, the judges of the second section of the Brescia court of appeal have accepted our request and granted a postponement to 3 January” says Angelo De Riso who together with the lawyer Nicola Colli defends Silvia Panzeri, daughter of the former S&D group MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, arrested in Brussels on charges of corruption and money laundering in the investigation renamed Qatargate.

Arrested last December 9 on a European arrest warrant, the judges – in the delivery hearing to Belgium – instructed the “Ministry of Justice to carry out research in order to acquire documents in order to ascertain that the rules have been respected in Italy”. adds the defender. And on what will be acquired in the next few days, the court will decide in the hearing set for January 3, 2023.

The suspect did not make spontaneous statements, given that only preliminary questions were dealt with in the courtroom (closed-door hearing). The Brescia pg Umberto Vallerin had opposed the defense’s request, but the panel chaired by judge Giulio Deantoni instead agreed with the terms.

“On the basis of yesterday’s sentence, we have posed the question as a preliminary” and now this decision – i.e. a check on the state of overcrowding in prisons in Belgium – could also affect the fate of Maria Dolores Colleoni, Panzeri’s wife, for whom yesterday another the college had instead granted the yes to the delivery to Belgium.

The appeal to the Supreme Court now becomes appropriatebecause one of our beliefs was followed today that we will continue to plead” says Angelo De Riso at the end of the hearing in which the second section of the Brescia court of appeal granted a postponement to January 3 to decide on the delivery of the 38-year-old to Belgium Postponement granted on the basis of the preliminary question raised by the defense who asked for reassurance on the conditions of prisons in Belgium, given some critical issues related to overcrowding.

A postponement that yesterday was instead denied by another section of the court of appeal which granted the delivery to Belgium for Maria Dolores Colleoni. Now the defense has four days left to write and present the appeal to the Cassation which suspends the transfer of the defendant who would otherwise end up behind bars.

THE SENTENCE – Against Maria Dolores Colleoni, the judges wrote in yesterday’s sentence, “there are serious indications of guilt” and what is reported in the European arrest warrant “is well founded” with respect to the assessment entrusted to the Italian judicial authority which must be limited to verify the “intrinsic content and the other elements collected during the investigation”. For the constituency “there are no impediments” to the transfer of the suspect who denied all charges, and on the situation of Belgian prisons (the defense had asked to verify the state of the institutions) no problems of malfunctioning of the penitentiary system were found that could justify non-delivery.