Qatargate, Bersani: “Today, a moral question looms over everyone”

“Pd and M5S make a common battle, there is agreement on crucial points”

“Qatar, Panzeri and surroundings. It will be long and we need to react. Those behaviors are a spit in the face of the left in Italy, the European institutions and NGOs around the world. Having said that, let’s not underestimate the poisonous insinuations that arrive: ‘But how can we not did you know them?’ Yes, we knew them, not evidently enough and after all if it took 5 European secret services it wasn’t so easy to understand…”. Like this Pier Luigi Bersani to the national assembly of Article 1.

“And they say: ‘You have betrayed Berlinguer’. Eh, no. Now we have to take note that politics is not able to act as a filter of individual behavior and therefore the moral question hangs over everyone and the issue is how to embank it. And therefore we say: dear right, the moral question concerns everyone but do you think that we can put a stop to it by trivializing corruption crimes, hindering wiretapping beyond the lawful, thinking of always putting politics away from the judiciary, making cascading subcontracts? isn’t it rather a question of putting his hand to further measures?”.

“If anything, if it weren’t taken as a moralism, there is something that the left should resume from old habits, such as asking for a solemn pronouncement from those who assume managerial roles, asking them to answer a question: but you know that among their duties of Is there also the direction of setting an example of honesty and sobriety? Once upon a time we asked the militants, the members, can we ask the leaders?

In the opposition camp, “the idea is that everyone is waiting for the European elections, weights and measures are recorded there and you see who directs the traffic. I find all this insane and it will make us look like Renzi’s chickens in the coming months and allows the right to have a breakthrough in the company that it hasn’t had so far. The times are not those, the test bench is already here “, Bersani said again.

“Then Pd and 5 Stars must show the ability in the coming weeks to give rise to something new, open up a horizon by managing a common battle because we say more or less the same things on crucial points”, he underlined.

“It seems to me that it is becoming clear that staying in this constituent path is an unavoidable choice. The hope of having a left-wing party of the new times passes through the Democratic Party, this cannot be circumvented”, he said again. .

“The contribution we can make to the path is to clearly state that the constituent path cannot end the day after the gazebos and therefore begin to ask these candidates whether or not they intend to keep the path open and what ideas they have of that new party we are talking about If you don’t want a catch-all party, you can’t have catch-all candidates… so what political profile, what idea of ​​a progressive camp, what idea of ​​work which is the central element, what changes to the Statute. the air doesn’t get warm…”.