Qatargate, Conte: “Parties should clarify, we need a law on lobbies”

“Surely the parties involved in this scandal must clarify as soon as possible”. To say it is Giuseppe Conte, in an interview with Republic, with reference to Qatargate. “The Meloni majority is lowering the defenses of our institutions, hitting the Spazzacorrotti law. In the face of the Qatar scandal, I launch an appeal to all party leaders: let’s work immediately to approve a law on conflict of interest and to regulate lobbies” .

“Scandal requires not keeping one’s head in the sand”

For Conte “a government that shows up in Brussels winking at tax evaders and corrupt people and proposing a ‘free everyone’ on the roof of cash does not bode well for our reputation. Italy today is rediscovering the moral question which, however, does not it can be reduced to a discussion to be brought up when necessary. Qatargate requires us not to hide our heads in the sand”.

“Renzi? Unacceptable salary from autocratic regimes”

“Already a year before the interview with Eugenio Scalfari, Berlinguer himself reminded l’Unità that the moral question had become a ‘political question’ because it was decisive for ‘the recovery of trust in the institutions'”, Conte points out, who then reserves a lunge at Renzi: “‘It is unacceptable that a senator of the Republic, paid by the citizens, goes around the world to endorse autocratic regimes on payment of lavish fees. It is not my sentence, but Calenda’s, pronounced before ally with Renzi. For once I think like him, but we must not personalize: no Italian parliamentarian must receive contributions, in any capacity, from another state”.