Qatargate, Eva Kaili from prison: “I thought about suicide”

MEP Eva Kaili, who has been in prison since December as part of the Qatargate investigation, talks to Deborah Bergamini, Forza Italia deputy, member of the Italian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe about her detention. “In the first six weeks I thought about suicide several times, then something clicked.” And she assures “I’m innocent, I’ll prove it.” Even Kaili declares that she feels like a trophy: “Yes, the trophy of a political persecution which includes a prejudice, a prejudice that exists in any case against the parliamentarians and politicians of Southern Europe. The Maltese, the Greeks, the Italians and so on”. “After the uproar of the first days of this story, no one speaks anymore”, Greek politics unleashed as Il Corriere della Sera reconstructs. His lawyers had said that it had been “subjected to torture” because in the first sixteen hours after her arrest she had been left without water, in the cold, with a light always on. Now she doesn’t complain about the prison regime. “But after the uproar of the first days of this story she doesn’t speak nobody anymore. I am ignored, I have been forgotten, indeed erased. When this story ends – he says – I want to start doing politics again”.

The legal case

In the meantime, on the legal battle front, the MEP appealed to the EU Court of Justice, asking to “annul the decision of the European Chief Prosecutor of 15 December 2022, containing the request for the revocation of parliamentary immunity and to “annul the decision of the President of the European Parliament of 10 January 2023 to announce this request during the plenary session of the Parliament and to refer it to the Committee on Legal Affairs”. There are several reasons in support of the appeal. One concerns the lack of competence of the European Chief Prosecutor to issue the contested act. The other on the violation of two essential procedural requirements: lack of motivation and the rights of the defence. Meanwhile, the Qatargate scandal that has engulfed the EU Parliament continues. The investigation has been going on for four months now and every day new details on the ring of bribes between politicians and non-EU states.